Mother Insists on Charging Son With Burglary After He Breaks Into Her House to Get THIS

Mother Insists on Charging Son With Burglary After He Breaks Into Her House to Get THIS

Sometimes, you just need some of your mama’s good home cooking. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a good idea to break into your mother’s home and steal a bowl of stew when she told you not to come.


Jonathan Ray wanted some of his mom’s posole last week.

So much so that, police say, he broke into her Northeast Albuquerque home, made a beeline for the fridge and ran away with a pot of homemade posole.

Ray’s mom called police Nov. 29 and told officers the alleged stew theft happened the day before. She said she was going home and was parking her car in her garage when the 23-year-old Ray texted her saying he was hungry and was going to her house to eat, according to a criminal complaint filed in Metropolitan Court.

The mom told him not to.

As soon as she walked into her house near Juan Tabo and Interstate 40, Ray ran in through the back door and went directly to the fridge. He grabbed the pot of traditional New Mexican holiday stew and ran back out, according to the complaint.

“He opened the door and grabbed that big pot of posole I had made for my kids,” his mother said Monday. “He knew I had made it.”

The mom went to the backyard and saw that the lock on her gate was broken and a trash can was propped up against the gate. She later discovered her garage was damaged.

“She believes her son may have either kicked the two wheels off the garage door, or forced the garage door open, causing the wheels to fall off,” an officer wrote in the complaint.

Police decided to charge Ray with burglary, and his mom agreed.

“She stated that she did want to press the burglary charge due to the fact that he did not have her permission to enter her home and take the pot of posole,” the officer wrote.

It may seem kind of silly, but this is evidently not the first time that he’s been kicked out of his mother’s home and isn’t welcome. So maybe next time, he’ll think twice before he decides to commit burglary just because he has a craving for posole.

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