Mother had no idea why baby had painful blisters on feet, but then police uncovered SICK crime

Mother had no idea why baby had painful blisters on feet, but then police uncovered SICK crime

A 6 month-old baby girl named Ana Flores Guerrero went to have fun with her babysitter one day. Mom picked her up a few hours later and all seemed normal at first. Then Mom put her to bed for the night and went to sleep. When the Mom woke up the next morning to care for her daughter, the mom noticed something different about the child. The child was in agonizing pain and had horribly nasty blisters on her little feet.

Shocked and unsure what happened, they rushed to the doctor. The doctors became suspicious of the blisters because they were caused by burns. They must be wondering how a baby could have both feet burnt. And what would a baby be walking on that was so hot? The doctors referred the child to Children’s Hospital to be treated for second degree burns. The staff at the hospital also called the police!

Police arrived and asked the mother questions about what happened. The mother told them where the child was and police conducted an investigation on the babysitter.

That’s where they discovered the horrible truth about what happened. The babysitter burnt the baby’s feet on purpose.

Initially, the babysitter told the police that Guerrero had come in contact with a hot tortilla. Later she gave in and told them she had grown tired of the baby crying.

Detective Charles Earle told the Washington Post:

“Out of frustration, she placed the baby’s feet on the grill or pan she was cooking tortillas on.”

Mendoza was taken to Prince George’s County Jail where she was arrested for first-degree child abuse, endangerment, and assault.

People across the country have voiced their disgusted opinions of this horrible woman who would do such a thing to a child. The babysitter has her own children, which makes it even worse to think that she would do this to someone’s baby.

I’ve always wondered why people who get annoyed at crying children do things to them that would only make them cry more. I don’t think putting a baby on a hot frying pan is going to stop them from crying. She could’ve done something else a little more humane like giving the child a hug and rocking them to sleep.

This woman harmed someone’s baby and just ruined her own children’s lives. She’ll likely go to jail for some time and her kids will be without their mother.

Horrible story that has more than one victim.

*Photo above is from Google. The baby with the burn wounds did not have a photo available. This photo was used to enhance the story and show what blisters look like on infant feet.

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