Mother Tortures 8 Yr-Old Son To Death By UNSPEAKABLE Means, Siblings Speak Up – ‘He Was Singled Out!’ [VIDEO]

Mother Tortures 8 Yr-Old Son To Death By UNSPEAKABLE Means, Siblings Speak Up – ‘He Was Singled Out!’ [VIDEO]

Gabriel Fernandez died in 2013 after being allegedly abused by his mother and her boyfriend. The siblings of Gabriel have testified in court that the two singled out Gabriel because they thought he was gay.

The mother, Pearl Fernandez, and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, are accused of murder of the eight year-old boy. Prosecutors describe unimaginable ways in which the pair tortured the boy, including burning cigarette butts on his skin, shooting him with a BB gun, beating him with fists, feet and other weapons, and humiliation tactics.

This is a tragedy on so many levels. Gabriel’s teenage brother and sister testified in court of all of these things and yet, Aguirre denies he murdered the boy because the death was unintentional. What a psychopath. The mother’s trial is set to begin after Aguirre’s closes. I hope they both rot in jail for the rest of their lives. There is no justifying what they did here.

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On Wednesday, Gabriel’s siblings testified how their mother’s boyfriend made him sleep in a cabinet or a ‘box’, according to NBC, which was present at the trial in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, they testified that if social services were called upon to visit, they would lock up Gabriel in handcuffs so the social workers would not see him, nor his injuries. Many acquaintances had reported the parents to the authorities.

It was too little too late. In May 2013, Aguirre caused the child to become brain dead with a blow to the head.

Ezequiel, Gabriel’s 16 year-old brother, told the court how Aguirre would put a sock over his brother’s mouth or would use a bandanna to silence the child. He also said Aguirre kicked Gabriel in the face, stomach and groin and that he used a hanger to beat him.

The siblings went on to say that they would bully and taunt Gabriel, calling him gay and dressing him in girl’s clothes to go to school. His brother said he would take a change of clothes with him to school in his backpack to avoid ridicule. When his mother found out about the clothes, his brother said his mother punched him in the face.

They would humiliate him in other ways, forcing him to eat rotten food, to eat his own vomit and to eat cat litter and feces. Four case workers from social services are also facing charges for allegedly missing the signs of abuse.

I can’t go on much more. It’s too disheartening. It is a harrowing reminder that we are all human beings and the capacity for evil is in all of us. Get yourself sorted, that’s how you change the world. These people are animals that need to be locked in cages and they can rot. The death penalty is also on the table for me. I don’t really care either way as long as there is no chance for parole.

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