Movers See TERROR-STRICKEN Woman Running Towards Them, Then Hide Her In Their Car Trunk!

Movers See TERROR-STRICKEN Woman Running Towards Them, Then Hide Her In Their Car Trunk!

A terror-stricken woman being hunted down by her insane ex-boyfriend found safety in the most random of places, three young professional movers working in an alley.

The young woman, who’s identity is being protected, is an office manager for a Chicago-based dentist. She had gone into work that day, believing it was going to be a normal working shift…but she was wrong.

Her ex-boyfriend showed up to the office, carrying what seemed to be “a small assault rifle.” Those who saw the meeting go down said that his behavior was at first calm. But this woman knew better, having history with the disturbed abuser.

She managed to escape into the back alley and ran into three movers: Josh Lara, Cody Grandt and Mike Zaininger. That’s when the young men, who work for Wisdom Moving Company (go figure) demonstrated some wisdom of their own.

Zaininger shared with reporters that “She knew she was being looked for, the way she was hiding. Our immediate reaction was, ‘Get in the truck.’” Knowing their truck would be the best cover and safety for her as her ex searched for her, they promptly ushered her inside.

Laura said,“We brought her into the truck, and there were stacks of boxes so we were kind of hiding behind the boxes,”. They then speedily drove her away and dropped her off – safe and sound from the psycho with the gun.

When her ex, who was later identified as Clint Engle, was unable to find the woman, he put an end to his own life right there in the very same alley she had fled from.

The frightened woman had endured a long history of domestic abuse by the Engle. It was only a few years ago he broke into her home and beat her father — who was asleep at the time — with a golf club “because he believed that the father would not allow him to date the daughter.”

Engle had gone to prison for 10 years after being tried and found guilty of home invasion and aggravated battery as a result of his actions. It was obvious that when he was released from prison, his obsessive anger and murderous intent had not subsided.

In John Hawkins’ new book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in number 51, “Prepare in case it all goes wrong.” These young men were prepared to put their necks out and save a woman in distress and that’s what should be expected form any men that can call themselves men.

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