Murderer Taped in Terror Chamber Where He Tortured Pregnant Woman for Days Then Killed Her [VIDEO]

Murderer Taped in Terror Chamber Where He Tortured Pregnant Woman for Days Then Killed Her [VIDEO]

This is what evil truly looks like with a side of bat shit crazy. Brady Oestrike was a serial killer that stalked Craigslist. When a young couple offered to sell him sex via that venue, it sealed their fate. Oestrike had set up a torture chamber in his home with a dog kennel for his guests. The boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer, was decapitated in a park. He was the lucky one, although they never did find his head. The girlfriend, Brooke Slocum, who was eight months pregnant, was not so fortunate. He tortured her for five days before strangling her to death.

This guy rigged ropes from his ceiling so he could string people up to torture them more easily. He lived in absolute filth as well. He believed he was living in some kind of game fantasy realm and had an assortment of exotic weapons along with guns. Oestrike killed himself after a police chase and then crashing into a railing. Videos and photos of his atrocities are just now being released through a FOIA request. Some video is so brutal, it will never be released.


From the Daily Mail:

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Police have released chilling surveillance footage that shows Craigslist killer Brady Oestrike setting up a torture dungeon where he kept an 18-year-old girl chained for five days before killing her.

Investigators in Wyoming, Michigan, also unveiled more than 100 gruesome photos from inside 31-year-old Oestrike’s gun-littered house of horrors on Wednesday and confirmed that video of Brooke Slocum’s assault, torment and death also exists.

On July 12 of 2014, Brady Oestrike kidnapped Slocum – who was eight-months pregnant – after agreeing on Craigslist to meet her and her boyfriend, Charles Oppenneer, 25, for sex.

Oppenneer and Slocum were selling sex for cash and placed an ad.

He then decapitated Oppenneer in the park, handcuffed Slocum and took her back to his home in the early hours of July 13 where he kept her in a dog kennel and sadistically abused her.

This guy must have lived in my state of origin, Wyoming. Police Chief James Carmody said that Oestrike was a gun fetishist. He also hoarded whips, swords and bondage tools. They found a ‘sex slave contract’, stuffed toys tied with handcuffs and blood-covered women’s panties. This guy was horrifically sick and twisted.

The contract was written by hand and involved sickening clauses such as ‘I must obey my master’ and ‘pleasure, I must earn it’. Also recovered were dozens of restraints, ropes, sex toys and cattle prods. Officers also found a medieval mask and chainmail gloves, medical gloves and syringes. Even more disturbing is that they found a child’s sippy cup, a doll and a noose. They also found suitcases filled with women’s clothing. This man had no children and there was no evidence of them on the property.

What really caused the police to panic was a map on the wall with push pins all across the US. They figured he was a serial killer, but an ex-girlfriend said those were places he dumped food for the apocalypse. I still think he also went hunting in those areas.

Video and photos are from 2014. Thank God this guy is dead, but they may never know how many people he killed and disposed of. He was a nightmare come true.





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