Muslim “Feminist” Linda Sarsour Caught Committing FRAUD

Muslim “Feminist” Linda Sarsour Caught Committing FRAUD

Linda Sarsour is a Muslim activist who calls herself a feminist. She’s really a defender of Sharia law, which can’t be compatible with feminism in any way due to its inherent misogyny. It doesn’t seem to bother this so-called “feminist” though. Sarsour has come under attack for many of her extremist views, but now, she’s being accused of something else: fraud.

Sarsour helped raise over $110,000 for a Somali woman who claims to have been a victim of a hate crime. Rahma Warsame is a 40 year-old single mother living in Columbus, Ohio. Warsame says that she was brutally attacked by a white man after coming to the defense of another “sister” — presumably, another Muslim woman — and was hospitalized with four missing teeth, a swollen face and nose, and a busted lip.

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CAIR has since gotten involved in Warsame’s case, saying that the man in question told her, “You will all be shipped back to Africa.” But a surprising source has come forward to dispute Warsame’s claims.

Samantha Morales is a Mexican-American woman and she says that Warsame attacked her first, along with a mob of other people, and that the entire ruckus was over a neighborhood argument — and had nothing to do with race or religion. “What happened is not what she is claiming. The woman that is in the hospital, I feel sorry for her, but she is one of the women who was kicking and hitting me after I got tased,” Morales said.

Morales’ boyfriend is Ricky Joyce, the man Warsame is accusing of committing a hate crime. Both Morales and Joyce say that there were no racial epithets used and that the fight began when Warsame began yelling at and hitting Morales’ son with a shoe. “I didn’t even have time to talk to any of them because they were over there jumping [Morales] at the time,” Joyce explained.

What is also not being mentioned is that Morales herself also had to be hospitalized. “They’re not even mentioning that I was the victim. They came at me. The woman that’s in the hospital is part of the group that was aggressing me,” she said. Police evidently agree, as they don’t seem to be backing up Warsame’s argument that she was the victim of a hate crime:

Yet Linda Sarsour doesn’t seem concerned with the facts and instead, is forwarding lies in an effort to raise money. But then, should we really be that surprised?

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