Muslim ‘Refugees’ Attack Frenchman… BAD IDEA! [VIDEO]

Muslim ‘Refugees’ Attack Frenchman… BAD IDEA! [VIDEO]

The French have a reputation of being very meek and surrendering easily.

Apparently this guy didn’t get the memo and was forced to become aggressive when a group of “refugees” was following and attacking him and his companions.

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From GOP The Daily Dose:

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With the influx of Muslim refugees into Europe, violent attacks have spiked and the demand for guns of all kind is at an all time high.

This video shows a group of “refugees” attacking a man who they do not know has his concealed carry license and a firearm.

Watch the video below:

Aside from the fact that it’s strange for anyone in France to own a firearm, this is the kind of behavior that we are seeing all over the world where refugees are being accepted.

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