After Neighbors Refused to Give Him Their Wi-Fi Password, Man Does Something Terrible to Their Puppy

After Neighbors Refused to Give Him Their Wi-Fi Password, Man Does Something Terrible to Their Puppy

This guy is a stone cold sociopath. Many won’t agree with me, but I firmly believe that anyone who is capable of doing something like this should be shot. Sorry, just my two cents. Christopher Vogel, 25, asked his neighbors if he could use their Wi-Fi. They said no. I have never asked someone if I could use their Wi-Fi. They pay for that, so these people were well within their rights to say no. They probably figured he wanted to play games or watch porn. They also probably figured he’d mooch off them indefinitely. So what did this dirt bag do? He killed their innocent, defenseless puppy. He snapped the pup’s neck out of spite.

The poor puppy didn’t die right away either. When officers found it, he was bleeding and couldn’t breathe. They couldn’t save the little dog. This happened back in late July. They just located this scumbag and he’s now being charged with animal abuse. This time I agree with animal rights groups. There should be tougher laws against this kind of thing and way tougher consequences. At the very least, this guy should be evaluated by a psychiatrist and locked away somewhere forever. If he’ll do this to a puppy, just think what he would do to a child or another human being.

From the Daily Mail:

A 25-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly killing his neighbors’ puppy because they refused to share their Wi-Fi password.

Christopher Vogel allegedly flew into a rage after the victims said no, and has been accused of snapping the animal’s neck out of ‘spite’.

Vogel took the corgi into the hallway of the building in Des Moines, Iowa, prosecutors claim.

Police Sgt Ryan Doty told WAPT: ‘The dog had nothing to do with the argument, wasn’t aggressive towards him. I think that he did it just out of spite.’

The dog was bleeding and unable to breathe when officers arrived at the scene.

It happened in late July, but Vogel has only just been located and charged with animal abuse.

Animal rights groups have called for tougher laws. Tom Colvin, executive director of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, told WAPT: ‘We really have to ramp up how society, how Iowans, view these types of senseless acts against animals, and start having felony charges for egregious acts against animals.’

All of this happened in Iowa and the puppy was only 12 weeks-old. The incident took place in a friend’s apartment. Boy, they should have chosen their friends better. After killing the puppy, he of course ran off. Vogel allegedly took the dog into the hallway of the building, which is where it was found lying and whimpering on the floor. This just enrages me.

“It just boggles my mind that anybody would even be able to do this type of thing,” said Tom Colvin, executive director of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. I agree, but this is the hallmark trait of a sociopath. They start out by killing animals. There is something deeply twisted and broken inside this guy. Something that can’t be fixed. He’ll only be charged with a misdemeanor and that is just wrong. It should at least be a felony and as I said before, he should have some lasting time in a mental facility.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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