The Next Bath Salts? FL Man High on Flakka Stabs Couple To Death, Found Eating Their Bodies

The Next Bath Salts? FL Man High on Flakka Stabs Couple To Death, Found Eating Their Bodies

This is simply monstrous. In Florida, a 21 year-old hyped on Flakka stabbed a husband and wife to death and the police found him on top of one of the bodies eating their face. That’s straight out of a nightmare.

It took several deputies and a K-9 unit to get the guy off the body. He probably had incredible strength due to the drugs he ingested. It drove him stark, raving murderously mad. Those poor people.



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A 21-year-old man is in custody after Florida deputies found him at the scene of a double murder on top of one of the victims and biting off pieces of the dead body’s face!

According to Martin (FL) County Sheriff William Snyder, a husband and wife, both around 50 years old, were stabbed to death late Monday evening in Tequesta, Florida. As deputies arrived at the home (above), they found the suspect cannibalizing the victims.

Snyder reported that it took multiple deputies and the help of a K-9 unit, all delivering “as much force as physically possible” to pull the suspect off the dead body and arrest him.

Snyder believes he knows why the man was so hard to corral, too, and the answer is unsettling:

“I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if it was Flakka.”

Flakka is also known as alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone, or alpha-PVP. It is a synthetic drug that is similar to bath salts, according to reports. I understand it is almost an epidemic there in Florida now. And the problem is only getting worse there.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse: “Like other drugs of this type, alpha-PVP can cause a condition called ‘excited delirium’ that involves hyperstimulation, paranoia, and hallucinations that can lead to violent aggression and self-injury.” Boy howdy… that’s what happened in this case. I have heard that some people never come out of the ‘crazy’ phase and go loony permanently after taking this stuff.

The police believe the couple knew the young man. How horrific for them. It’s being considered a domestic incident. Which in my book, makes it even worse.

They weren’t the only ones attacked either. A person who was passing by and saw what was happening tried to help the victims. That person was stabbed and seriously wounded, winding up in the hospital.

Authorities are also reportedly looking for a 26 year-old woman described as an “associate” of the suspect. Police believe she may have been in danger and they are concerned for her welfare. I hope she is found safe and sound quickly.

May those that died at the hands of this violent nut case rest in peace. This is so very sad.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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