Ohio woman charged with raping male taxi driver while her accomplice held him at…

Ohio woman charged with raping male taxi driver while her accomplice held him at…

I think ALL rapists are nasty evil people. But there’s something about rapist Brittany Carter that’s caught the media’s attention…

In a bizarre turn of events, a 23 year-old woman was charged with rape and aggravated robbery of a male taxi driver. Brittany Carter and her accomplices, 23 year-old Cory Jackson and another, who is still at large, called a taxi at 4 am on January 28th. They were identified as 1 white female and two black males.

The cab picked them up and what happened next is an extraordinary crime. Jackson pulled a knife on the 29 year-old driver, while Carter performed an unspecified sexual act on him. Um, wow and gross and evil and most of all just downright strange!

They allegedly robbed the cabbie of all his money which appeared to be $32 before the suspects fled on foot — which is strange since they had already robbed him of his money and raped him, why not take the car?

The driver immediately went to the police to report the incident and warrants were later issued for Carter and Jackson’s arrests. The 3rd accomplice wasn’t named and Hancock County Prosecutor Phil Riegle told The Toledo Blade they don’t expect to bring charges against that person.

According to Brittany Carter’s indictment, cited by The Smoking Gun, the 23-year-old woman ‘purposefully compelled’ the cabbie to engage in sexual conduct ‘by force or threat of force.’

Records show that Carter was indicted twice in 2016 on felony drug charges of heroin possession and allowing a vehicle to be used in the trafficking of heroin.

The woman is being held at the Hancock County Jail on $60,000 bond.

Currently, Cory Jackson is being sought on charges related to the January taxi driver attack and also on an unrelated murder warrant out of Lima, Ohio. The thing that haunts me about this isn’t the crime itself. It’s the culture of the crime. When would men who are real, real men allow a woman running with them to dominate a random man? It’s just totally bizarre and sadly a new brand of crime we get to look forward to.

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