Paralyzed teen who passed away in a state of filthy neglect just days after DCS check was covered in bedsores so deep some exposed bone and organs

Linda Kelley, an 18 year-old with spina bifida, passed away in hellish surroundings, with bed sores so severe they went all the way to the bone and some exposed organs. Surely, there is a place in Hell for her negligent, murderous parents and for the social workers, who just six days before her passing, said everything was fine. Then a judge ruled there was just ‘negligent oversight’ amid heavy workloads. There is also no indication that the parents will be charged. No one takes the blame and yet a young, innocent woman died tragically and horribly.

Linda Kelley, pictured holding her nephew, passed away in August in Indiana.

From the Daily Mail:

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A paralyzed teenager who was found dead in a filthy, cockroach-infested home was covered with bedsores so deep her bone and organs could be seen, it has emerged.

Linda Kelley’s heartbreaking living conditions were revealed during hearings into how the 18-year-old’s case was handled by the Department of Child Services before her death in August.

A DCS case worker and employees from Damar Services, which provides care to patients with special needs, had visited the teen at her parents’ home in Indianapolis just six days before she died.

Marion Juvenile Court Judge Marilyn Moores held hearings last month to see if staff had falsified positive reviews of the girl’s living conditions, the Indianapolis Star reported.

But she concluded that they did not. Instead, there was a ‘negligent oversight, if not reckless disregard, of the conditions of the home’, she said.

DCS Director Mary Beth Bonaventura said the girl was failed by multiple people, including the case worker, the DCS and her parents, Lavonne and John Kelley.

‘It was almost like a perfect storm,’ she told the Star. ‘Nobody did the right thing for this child, or at least enough of the right things.’

The DCS case worker, Teresa Carter, claims that she doesn’t understand how all of that could have happened in six days. To the DCS’ credit, they fired the case worker and her supervisor after the death. The parents say they didn’t know about the sores. But DCS has a long history with the Kelleys, who reportedly neglected their children in 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2012. So, why did Linda even live there? She didn’t have to die. And why are there any children still there? Some people should never be parents.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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