Parents ARRESTED after Allegedly Inflicting 20+ Fractures on One-Month-Old Baby

Parents ARRESTED after Allegedly Inflicting 20+ Fractures on One-Month-Old Baby

What the hell is wrong with people these days? I am so angry I could spit nails when I hear about these types of sick people that give their baby 20 fractures. Keep in mind, folks, that this baby is 1 MONTH OLD! These people deserve anything they get:


Police have arrested a young mother and father from Waterbury after their 1-month-old infant suffered 20 broken bones and injuries to his mouth and eye as a result of “inflicted trauma,” according to the arrest warrants.

Authorities learned of the baby’s injuries after his mother, Kali Sastrum, 18, brought him to St. Mary’s Hospital with a swollen right leg on July 2, according to police.

Police said X-rays revealed the infant had a broken femur. Sastrum allegedly told police she was “shocked” to find out the baby’s leg was broken and “had no idea” how it might have happened.

Really, lady? I noticed when my kids farted. I am pretty sure that any mom would KNOW how her kid’s leg was broken, OK? Please don’t try to use your age as an excuse, either, because I was 17 years old when I had my son, and I never broke any of his bones.

The baby was transferred to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford, where doctors discovered more than a dozen rib fractures “in different stages of healing,” along with a torn frenulum in the baby’s mouth and a broken blood vessel in his eye, according to the warrant for Sastrum’s arrest.

A doctor at Connecticut Children’s told police the baby’s injuries were the result of “inflicted trauma” and could not have been accidental, the warrant states.

Police said the baby has been released to the custody of the Department of Children and Families and will continue testing and outpatient treatment.

Sastrum and the baby’s father, Nikolas Radaskie, 21, were arrested Monday and each charged with risk of injury to a minor. I hope these disgusting clowns never get custody of this child again. How anyone could hurt such an innocent little human is beyond me. They have done nothing wrong. NOTHING. All babies deserve good starts in life – if you cannot do it, there are plenty of people who will gladly pick up your child and take care of them the way you should have.

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