Passerby sees alleged rapist getting beat up, decides “I want in on this” and lands some punches [VIDEO]

Passerby sees alleged rapist getting beat up, decides “I want in on this” and lands some punches [VIDEO]

What would you do if you’re casually driving along and you see a man getting beat up in the street? Now, what if the people assaulting him told you that he was a rapist?

Could you join in on the action without knowing if he was actually guilty of anything?

Apparently one guy could.

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The video starts out with a man in a white shirt rolling up on what looks to be a fight. You can see the people involved look over at the car and point at the man on the ground, who is receiving one heck of a beat down. The man in the car rolls down his window and shouts “That n**** a rapist?” Then decided that if that is the case, he needs to get in on it.

He gets out of his car and jogs up to the scene, where he lands a few solid punches on the alleged rapist. Afterward he starts back toward his car.

Watch the video below:

Now of course, the American justice system deems everyone innocent until proven guilty, but the street justice system doesn’t have such strict rules. I don’t know for sure whether this guy is actually guilty of what his accuser is claiming and I would never advocate for a mob to assault someone without assuring they’re actually guilty. Unfortunately, that’s not going to stop people from doing what they’re going to do.

I understand that rape and all sexual assault is a very serious, very emotional crime that gets people extremely angry and it’s not hard to understand why. I just don’t know if I could jump on someone who I didn’t know to be guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. There have been plenty of cases of people being falsely accused of sexual crimes and having their lives ruined. I couldn’t be part of that.

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