Pedophile strangles 8 year-old in store bathroom and drags her into a stall…

Pedophile strangles 8 year-old in store bathroom and drags her into a stall…

A group of brave and concerned shoppers and store clerks surrounded and held down a man until police arrived after witnesses say he choked an eight year-old girl unconscious and attempted to molest her in a store bathroom in Chicago’s South Loop. What was he doing in the woman’s bathroom? Would the ‘transgender’ excuse have come up if an adult confronted him about it? The details aren’t known yet.


From Breitbart:

According to Chicago’s ABC affiliate, police arrested Reese M. Hartstirn, 33, after witnesses said he was seen choking the child until she was unconscious, then carrying her into a stall in the bathroom of a store on South Canal Street.

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Witnesses told police that after the suspect was seen attacking the girl, the child’s mother and several of the patrons and workers of the store gathered together to restrain the man until police arrived.

The child’s mother also testified that Hartstirn attacked her when she tried to separate him from the child.

Hartstirn was later charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated battery of a child, both felonies. The suspect will also face several misdemeanor charges, as well as charges of attacking one of the police officers who took him into custody at the Central District station.

This monster and his kind are EXACTLY what concerned and angry parents across this country are screaming about. The transgender ‘issue’ is no issue at all. This is a matter of RIGHT and WRONG. The left has left the door open for any psycho pervert to take advantage of women and girls in the women’s restroom.

How about we do away with the ‘women’s room’ and the ‘men’s room’, since the left and this government are too insane to understand, and just call them ‘penis rooms’ and ‘vagina rooms’. If you have one or the other, THAT’S THE ROOM YOU GO TO. Problem solved. Don’t base it on gender (anymore), base it on what you’re packing.

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