Pedophiles Could Face Forced Castration in Australia if Considered High Reoffending Risk

Pedophiles Could Face Forced Castration in Australia if Considered High Reoffending Risk

When Australian Justice Minister Troy Grant discovered that as many as 17% of pedophilic sex offenders were likely to reoffend, he decided that it was time to take action. So a special task force was set up to consider whether or not pedophiles could be subjected to forced chemical castration if they are felt to be at a high risk of committing a sex crime again.


A special taskforce in New South Wales, Australia, is considering compulsory chemical castration for paedophiles deemed to be high risk for reoffending.

Currently, courts in western Australia and the state of Victoria have the discretion to order dangerous sex offenders to have the treatment as part of release conditions.

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… Sex offenders can opt to voluntarily undergo the treatment in prison in New South Wales, but now the state’s Justice Minister wants to go one step further.

Troy Grant told Australia’s Broadcasting Corporation he wants courts to have chemical castration as sentencing option so that children can be “protected from abuse”.

… However, critics have questioned the effectiveness of the treatment including the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists who disagree with the plan.

Forensic psychiatrist Dr John Kasinathan said it may have limited therapeutic benefit for some patients.

“The prescription of anti-androgenic medication is a clinical decision and relies on medical knowledge and specific knowledge of the patient in question”, he cautioned.

These psychiatrists don’t seem to understand the point of forcing convicted child sex offenders to undergo forced castration. It’s not for their own therapeutic benefit — please, no one cares about them — but for the protection of the children they could potentially harm in the future.

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