Philadelphia father admits shooting daughter, 4, in the face after police blamed her brother, 5, for her death

Philadelphia father admits shooting daughter, 4, in the face after police blamed her brother, 5, for her death

A young girl was killed after a gun went off in her home, but the police were looking at the wrong suspect. After allowing her brother to take the fall, the girl’s father finally admitted to having been playing with the firearm before it went off.


From The Daily Mail:

A father has admitted shooting his four-year-old daughter in the face – after her death was blamed on her brother, 5.

Maurice ‘Stephon’ Phillips fled after his young daughter was shot dead at his Philadelphia home.

The girl, whose name has not been released, was shot once in the face when the gun went off around 2.25pm on Saturday. 

She was pronounced dead at the scene five minutes later.

Police investigating the shooting originally said that the youngster had been shot by her five-year-old brother.

But after Phillips was arrested, he told officers that he had been playing with the gun and it had gone off accidentally, WNCN reports.

The bullet had struck the girl in the face.

Police say a semiautomatic pistol was recovered inside the home.

Phillips posted a photo on his Facebook of a semiautomatic pistol with a box of hollow-point bullets on February 14.

Homicide Capt James Clark said police ‘desperately’ needed to find the girl’s father, he told

The girl lived in the home with Phillips and her mother Tera Riddick. Neighbors said she had five siblings, three sisters and two brothers.

Riddick was known for being a protective mother who never let her children play outside the home, which is in Philadelphia’s violent Kensington neighborhood.

Neighbor Louise Sawyer said she once asked Riddick why she never brought her kids out. The mother responded: ‘I’m not bringing these kids out here with all this trouble’.

Sawyer said the neighborhood, where drug needles can be seen on the street, had been plagued with shootings and drugs.

The father deserves to be jailed for a long time for creating a situation in which this could happen.

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