Philly-Area Police Confirm Finding This in Candy

Philly-Area Police Confirm Finding This in Candy

Each year, parents are warned of things like razor blades and pills being smuggled into their children’s Halloween candy. Usually, these are baseless concerns brought about by overwrought helicopter parents — but in Philadelphia, police confirmed that for once, the stories were actually true.

needles in candy

Police in Kennett Square, Chester County said early Sunday they were investigating reports of sewing needles found inside Halloween candy of several young trick-or-treaters.

On Sunday afternoon, they said a 12-year-old child turned in a Snickers bar that also contained a similar sewing-type needle. The child had been trick-or-treating in the same area as the other children who reported tainted candy, whose ages range from 7-12.

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Police say they were notified at midnight Sunday from someone claiming that chocolate candy bars handed out in the Stenning Hills area of the borough had been tampered with, according to CBS Philadelphia. Authorities say sewing-type needles were found inside five wrapped Twix Candy bars given to four different children who had been trick-or-treating door to door in the area of South Union Street and West South Street.

The man told authorities he had seen a post on Facebook from an unknown source describing their Snickers candy had needles in it. Reading the post prompted the parent to check his own children’s candy and he discovered the needles in the snack-size Twix candy.

What kind of sick person would do something like this? It can be ridiculous, the lengths that some parents will go, but vigilance is always wise.

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