Phoenix Father Left His Two-Year-Old Son to Die in a Hot Car After ‘He Drank a Bottle of Gin and Fell Asleep’ as Temperatures Hit 93F (VIDEO)

Phoenix Father Left His Two-Year-Old Son to Die in a Hot Car After ‘He Drank a Bottle of Gin and Fell Asleep’ as Temperatures Hit 93F (VIDEO)

It’s getting close to summertime, which means higher temperatures — and the inevitable tragic stories of children being left inside of hot cars, slowly dying agonizing deaths. But one case out of Phoenix is markedly different from the usual stories of distracted parents who pay the ultimate price: this father drove his kids around while he got drunk, and then left his two-year-old inside the hot car while he slept it off.

james koryor

WFSB 3 Connecticut

James Koryor was taken into custody Tuesday morning on suspicion of manslaughter and child abuse.

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Police that he took his two sons to get haircuts on Monday about 1pm, but instead went to a liquor store, where he bought a bottle of gin.

The then drove around drinking with the boys in the car, before going home and falling asleep, WFSB reported.

Police are still investigating what happened next, but believe the five-year-old son got out of the car, but the two-year-old was left in there.

The boy’s family members were under the impression was sleeping inside the house.

It wasn’t until some time later, police suspect up to two and a half hours, that the boy’s mother found him in the car.

She had been studying inside and went to leave the house, which is on Raymond Street, near 75th Avenue and Broadway Road.

It was then she made the shocking discovering of her son on the back seat of the family’s Nissan Sentra.

There were family members at the house at the time, who called 911, and police say they were giving the boy CPR when emergency responders arrived at the scene.

However the child was pronounced dead at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said there was evidence of a struggle inside the car, indicating the boy had tried to get out.

‘It’s a sad reminder of what we’re trying to say all the time about leaving children unattended in the car,’ Crump told WFSB.

While the outside temperatures reached about 93 degrees on Monday, Crump said temperatures around 70 were hot enough to kill a child left in a car.

A child was left to basically bake to death inside a car, because his irresponsible father decided to go on a bender and couldn’t be bothered to tell anyone about it. Most of the time, the knowledge that they killed their own child is punishment enough for parents in this situation, but Koryor obviously deserves jail time.

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