PHOTO: Nose-Picking Masturbator Terrorizes People on NYC Subway

PHOTO: Nose-Picking Masturbator Terrorizes People on NYC Subway

I’m sorry, but pardon me? This person is clearly extremely mentally ill and needs to be taken into a facility that will help him. You don’t have the right to be disgusting in public and make hundreds of people a day uncomfortable by masturbating on the subway.

You wanna do that, go home. Stay home and just go to town, but for the love of Mary, when you step into the public square, you need to have respect for yourself and the people around you.

At the very least, you need to be able to control yourself. Otherwise, you end up in prison.

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Police are now looking for this creep, who has been caught masturbating while picking his nose (or is it the other way around?) on the subway not once, but twice.

They are seeking the 50 to 60 year-old man who was seen riding the southbound A train on October 11th. Two weeks later, he was seen again on the northbound E train doing the same thing. It’s like he doesn’t even realize that there are other people around him who perhaps don’t want to see him pick his nose and/or masturbate. Perhaps he never even considered the idea?

I’m going to stick to the idea that he is mentally addled and needs help because I don’t want to think that a completely sane person could behave like this.

According to the police, the man is 6 feet tall, between 200 and 250 pounds, and was last seen wearing a light jacket and blue jeans. If you know anything about him, you are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

I’m all for “if it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my back do whatever you want,” but there has to be a certain level of decency in public. I don’t want to see women running around in their leather outfits for a “slut walk” and I don’t want to see a guy playing with himself on the subway. I should be able to walk outside my home and not be confronted with that kind of crap.

Of course it did happen in New York City, so really this isn’t a surprise to anyone. This is the kind of thing that they experience every day because apparently 90% of the weirdos in the country gravitate to New York. Why? We don’t know.

The point is, the cops need to find this guy and get him off the streets.

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