Police BLAMED after VIDEO reveals suspect puts COP in headlock…and he’s left ‘crying for his mama’

A thug went from tough guy to little baby crying for his mommy when he tried to attack a cop, got the officer in a headlock, but then lost the fight BIG TIME when the officer pulled a perfectly well-trained take-down maneuver to body slam the punk to the ground.

The Daily Mail describes the action…

This is the shocking moment a police officer body slammed a young criminal while trying to arrest him.

Footage from America shows the pair wrestling savagely against a wall as the youth resists arrest.

They push against each other in what appears to me an equal fight before the officer, when caught in a headlock, picks up the slightly smaller male.

His legs fly into the air before he is slammed onto the hard concrete in an alarming show of violence.

Several onlookers cry out as the audible bang of his body falling is heard and the youth himself cries out for his mom.

The cop, who seems to show no remorse for the somewhat unnecessary brutishness, proceeds to handcuff the young man who is lying on his front moaning.

He then radios back to headquarters to alert them to the arrest.

This is terrific. The punk got what he deserved.

Warner Todd Huston

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