Police Hating Protesters Plan New Year’s Eve Disruptions

I’m sure a bit of violence and looting will be in order

(Breitbart) Anti-police protesters are planning to disrupt New Year’s Eve celebrations at major metropolitan sites. The website Stop Mass Incarceration calls upon activists to not allow New Years Eve 2015 “to go down because business as usual in Amerikkka includes wanton police murder of Black people.”

The announcement says that as Americans around the country ringing in the New Year must be disrupted:

“The refusal of grand juries in Ferguson and Staten Island to indict the cops who murdered Michael Brown and Eric Garner made this clear. So the powerful, beautiful and necessary outpourings that have disrupted this society’s normal routine must continue and escalate on New Years Eve and into the New Year.

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“But in this society, cops who brutalize and murder are given the benefit of the doubt and are almost never punished in any way for their crimes. This is illegitimate and unacceptable. It must be STOPPED, and it’s up to us to stop it! On New Year’s Eve, we must act in many different ways to do just that.

“Say in a loud, clear voice – NO NEW YEAR UNDER THIS OLD SYSTEM! And – WE CAN’T BREATHE! Bring your whistles and blow them loudly. Bring your signs and banners.” Bring your signs and banners too. Figure out imaginative ways to say NO MORE to all these horrors.”

I have an unimaginative way to say NO MORE: don’t break the law. Don’t teach kids to break the law. Don’t walk in the middle of the street. Don’t assault police officers and attempt to take their guns. Don’t charge police officers. Don’t resist arrest (I still maintain that the officers went over the line with Eric Garner). Don’t be a lifelong criminal. Don’t point guns, even fake ones, at police officers. Don’t dress like a thug. Don’t advocate for the thug life. Don’t steal. Don’t join gangs. Teach your kids to get educated. Understand that Democrats work hard to keep Blacks beholden to the Party with social programs that keep Blacks in poverty.

Of course, facts do not matter to the “protesters”, who are using the incidents to create yet another far left protest movement.

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