Police Interrogate 14 Yr-Old Girl For Using THIS To Buy Her School Lunch! [VIDEO]

Police Interrogate 14 Yr-Old Girl For Using THIS To Buy Her School Lunch! [VIDEO]

This is way over the top and just insane. A 14 year-old Houston middle-schooler tried to pay for her lunch with a $2 bill. The marker that verifies non-counterfeit bills did not work on it and so the handler called the police. The child was then taken in for questioning. Eventually, it was determined that the bill was valid and it was returned to the student… but with no apology. Talk about heavy handed. They treated the child like she was a common criminal and threatened her with 10 years in jail over this. If I were her grandmother, I’d sue. Her grandmother gave her the old bill for lunch money. This happened in Fort Bend Independent School District’s Christa McAuliffe Middle School. The police took the case very seriously and traced the bill back to the convenience store where Neal’s grandmother, Sharon Kay Joseph, said she got it.


From the Conservative Tribune:

A Houston middle-school girl got the shock of her life when she was treated like a common criminal after attempting to pay for her school lunch with a $2 bill.

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Danesiah Neal, 14, said her grandmother gave her a $2 bill to use to buy her lunch, but when she tried to use the bill, cafeteria staff at Fort Bend Independent School District’s Christa McAuliffe Middle School thought it was a fake.

Authorities were notified and Neal was taken in for questioning and threatened with felony charges.

Evidently, there has been a rash of school lunch thefts and now the authorities are paranoid there. The crime is a third-degree felony in Texas. If a student is found guilty of counterfeiting money, he or she could be sentenced to two to 10 years in prison. The Harris County District Attorney said most would be put on probation, but the crime was still a felony and must be reported that way. It must have scared the crap out of this kid. Students arrested for counterfeiting are usually sent to alternative schools while their cases are investigated. Thankfully that didn’t happen in this instance. The grandmother called it ‘outrageous’ and it was: “He didn’t apologize. He should have and the school should have because they pulled Danesiah out of lunch and she didn’t eat lunch that day because they took her money,” she said. “There was no need for police involvement. They’re charging kids like they’re adults now.” Is this where we are now in our schools? Everyone’s a criminal and guilty until proven innocent? Another great reason to homeschool.

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