Pregnant Mom Passes Out ON HEROIN Behind Wheel With Child In Car [VIDEO]

Pregnant Mom Passes Out ON HEROIN Behind Wheel With Child In Car [VIDEO]

What is with these people? This woman was strung out on heroin driving a car with a small child in the backseat. How did these even happen?

Natalie Onay, the woman in question, is 22 and faces charges of child neglect, possession of a narcotic, possession of paraphernalia, possession of syringe and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. I’m not sure how she is going to get out of this one. Being caught passed out behind the wheel of a car with a child in the back is not a good look.

There were plenty of witnesses to the scene of the crime. The car behind Onay claims a red light cycled through twice and Onay did not move the entire time. After the driver behind her honked the horn, the car Onay was driving rolled forward and stopped. It was almost hit by another car. This sounds like a horrible situation to be in. I can’t imagine what the car behind her must have thought.

The police were called and officers who arrived at the scene say they had to pull Onay out of the car. The Department of Child Services took custody of her 10 month-old child in the backseat. She also admitted to being five months pregnant with another child. They found a syringe and some heroin in her car. Onay admitted to shooting up about 10 minutes before she passed out.

These parents that don’t deserve children are really getting me down. I’m not sure about what we can as a society do to curb these kinds of incidents from happening, but we could brainstorm and come up with something, I’m sure. I’m not the smartest guy, but what I do know is that the government always makes societal problems worse by claiming they have an answer and then making the problem worse by trying to implement their “solution.”

I suppose this is just another in a long string of incidents that prove there is an opioid crisis in America. Shay told police she had been off the drug for two years and that she relapsed. I find that hard to believe. Why would you put your children in danger like this if you were clean for two years?

Now, I’m all for personal liberty and freedom. But these stories are making getting a license to have children a whole lot more palatable. There’s still probably no way I could be convinced of supporting that kind of legislation, but I see where these people are coming from.

It’s too bad that the system that is set up in America is not one that actually wants to treat patients. It is one that only wants to maximize profits and special favors for government workers and pharmaceutical companies. We need to start deregulating the medical industry to see innovation and growth. This would lead to the return of doctors actually trying to cure patients instead of just throwing money and opioids at them.

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