Pregnant Woman Gets Shot – Immediately Goes into Labor

Pregnant Woman Gets Shot – Immediately Goes into Labor

Shock waves flew through Sacramento, California this week after a brutal crime left the community outraged. No one ever expects an innocent person to be the victim of a violent crime, but who this victim was made the situation especially horrific.

A woman was attending a memorial for a friend who had died when gunfire rang out — and she was shot. What made this shooting especially heinous, however, was that the woman was eight months pregnant. To make the situation even sadder, the memorial that she was attending was for a friend who had also been shot, although he unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. That shooting had taken place just a block away.

Authorities noted that the woman was noticeably pregnant, as she was almost full-term, so the shooter would have known that they were targeting a woman carrying a baby.

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After the woman was taken to the hospital, doctors made the difficult decision to induce labor for the sake of her child. She delivered the baby, and is expected to survive. The baby’s condition is not known. While the shooting does not appear to be a drive-by shooting, authorities have said they are not sure if the woman was targeted or not.

It takes a special kind of evil to shoot at a woman who is obviously, noticeably pregnant — knowing that doing so would mean potentially causing the death of not just one person, but of two. It’s hard to understand what could possibly make someone commit such a heinous act, but whoever that person is, they clearly should not be free to walk the streets.

Unfortunately, police do not yet have any leads on who committed this despicable crime. Hopefully, the perpetrator will be caught quickly and put away for a long, long time.

Do you think the person responsible for this crime should be put away for life?

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