Pregnant Woman Has A LOT Of Explaining To Do After Offering Sex For $300 To The WRONG MAN…

Pregnant Woman Has A LOT Of Explaining To Do After Offering Sex For $300 To The WRONG MAN…

Well, that’s sickening and so very disturbing that it happened in Oklahoma. A white pregnant woman solicited an undercover cop (unknown to her at the time) and got busted for it. She offered sexual acts for $300. Her and her boyfriend/pimp were arrested in a sting. No word if he’s the father and considering her line of work, who knows? Just disgusting.

Evidently there is a sick and twisted trend of couples now offering services for pay. As she offered herself to the cop in an Oklahoma City apartment, her boyfriend was the lookout in the parking lot. These two were advertising on social media. Genius.


From Three Percenter Nation:

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A metro man is accused of pimping out his pregnant girlfriend.

Police caught Christopher McEvoy and Rihannon Mathis in an undercover sting.

The two have been in a relationship for two years, according to Facebook.

Court records show Mathis offered to perform sex acts on an undercover cop for $300 in a south Oklahoma City apartment.

Officers say McEvoy was there too, acting as a lookout in the parking lot.

“The disturbing trend this arrest highlights is ten, 15 years ago, you didn’t see just average couples engaging in prostitution, especially high-profile prostitution where they’re advertising online,” JohnTV creator Brian Bates said.

Mathis talks about her pregnancy on social media.

She was a dancer at a local strip club after quitting her job at a daycare.

When police arrested McEvoy and Mathis, they say they found marijuana, meth, and heroin inside their apartment.

“These people often get hooked on drugs, often get abused by their customers, often get abused by those that are selling them and unfortunately in the worst case scenarios, they end up dead,” Bates said.

The woman talks about her pregnancy on social media. She was a stripper after leaving her job… at a daycare. SMH. They are also druggies (shocker there) and had pot, meth and heroin in their apartment. These two are high on death’s to-do list.

The baby should not stay with this woman. She is not fit to be a mother and would endanger the child. Sometimes the kindest thing to do is find a loving home for the baby. This woman may turn her life around, but I highly doubt it. She propositioned the wrong guy and it was the best thing that ever happened to her baby. It was a life saver, at least for that child.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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