‘There is a problem’ Restaurant Owner Attacked By Machete Muslim Speaks Against FBI.

‘There is a problem’ Restaurant Owner Attacked By Machete Muslim Speaks Against FBI.

Three months after a machete onslaught at the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus, the establishment’s owner expressed letdown at the FBI for seeming to avoid labeling the event as a terrorist attack.


From TheBlaze:

Hany Baransi also questioned President Barack Obama’s repeated assertions that Islam promotes peace.

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“There is a problem in the U.S. to mention terrorism or Islamic extremism. Obama talks about how Muslims are peace-loving. I didn’t come to America to have the president preach about Islam,” Baransi, a Christian Arab, told the Times of Israel while on a visit to Israel, where he was born and grew up before moving to the U.S.

After the Feb. 11 attack by Mohamed Barry, a Muslim from Guinea, the FBI called it a “heinous act,” but did not label it as terrorism. Four people were injured.

The restaurant owner Baransi asserted last week that the FBI has not responded to his recent requests for updates on the investigation.

In the last public statement posted on its website on Feb. 24, the FBI’s Cincinnati Division wrote, “At this point in the investigation, we have developed no information that Mohamed Barry was working with or directed by anyone in conducting this attack. We will continue to work with our partners to gather information about Barry’s life and any motives behind this heinous act.”

This is a mental sickness that is plaguing this administration and the different bureaus under it. We cannot defeat an enemy that we refuse to identify. Until we can stop being basket-cases and start calling a spade, a spade – the world will continue to suffer from Islamic Terrorism both large scale and small.

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