Prosecute the Wisconsin Doctors and Teachers Who Colluded on “Sick” Passes

Here are the doctors who were allegedly writing fake passes for “sick teachers” – AND-

Where or call or write to report them

As America watches the struggle between taxpayers who pay the bills in Wisconsin and the greedy state employees who would rather strike and call names than contribute a little more to their own gold-plated benefits…there is a way for the rest of us to send a message: Please read the following article about the doctors who are handing out fake “permission” slips to striking Wisconsin teachers so that they can (a) collect sick pay and (b) not get fired for calling in “sick” when they really on strike. Tell big labor that we are not going to take these thuggish tactics anymore, we can’t afford their lavish pay and benefits and it is going to stop. I have included all the information you need to contact the Wisconsin medical board and the state attorney general. Do it for all of us.

Be offended by this, America. Be very offended. These self-entitled unions are stealing from the public.

Wisconsin public school teachers have been calling in “sick” for several days so that they could attend rallies in the state capitol to protest miniscule cuts to their golden “fat-cat” salaries, benefits , work rules and pensions.

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At the demonstration in Madison, Wisconsin Saturday, doctors sympathetic to the teachers’ “cause” blatantly set up stations where teachers could receive written “medical excuses” from the doctors to supposedly give a “legitimate” reason for calling in sick.

Claiming to be “sick” while protesting against the governor and Wisconsin taxpayers and producing a false statement from a physician to receive sick pay for the time off, surely violates the teachers’ union contracts. This could be grounds for dismissal. Further, the doctors who are writing the false “medical permission” slips could be subject to professional misconduct under the state medical board rules. It could also be that the physical/teacher collusion to defraud taxpayers of sick pay is a violation of state law.

How about we find out?

This is absolute, utter lawlessness by big government labor and it needs to be prosecuted. There should be be CONSEQUENCES for these actions.

Here is what we know about the “conspiracy” (my word) to commit fraud on the Wisconsin taxpayers. We have two videos where the doctors and their “plan” to write fake slips is explained and demonstrated. While Tea Party hero Cantrell in the 2nd video is asking questions, a staff person arrives with new “blank” forms for the doctor to fill out. (He had written so many fake slips, he had run out.)

Caught red-handed by conservative media executive Andrew Breitbart…the “doctor” and his staff explain on camera that he will not get into trouble if he claims he has [Wisconsin governor Scott] “Walker pneumonia” and gets a medical excuse from them.

Caught red-handed AGAIN by Tea Party Patriot Josiah Cantrell….explaining the fraud, proof of pre-meditation because copies of forms are delivered to doc while he’s explaining the scam to the Tea Party.

Yet another doctor openly explained the scam to AOL News:

“Doctors from numerous hospitals set up a station near the Capitol to provide notes to explain public employees’ absences from work. Family physician Lou Sanner, 59, of Madison, said he had given out hundreds of notes. Many of the people he spoke with seemed to be suffering from stress, he said..”

“What employers have a right to know is if the patient was assessed by a duly licensed physician about time off of work,” Sanner said. “Employers don’t have a right to know the nature of that conversation or the nature of that illness. So it’s as valid as every other work note that I’ve written for the last 30 years.”

Here are the doctors who we know were writing “fake” medical excuses Saturday:

Dr. Louis Sanner

Northeast Family Medical Center3209 Dryden Drive — Madison, WI, 53704 — (608) 241-9020

Dr. Sanner appears to be affiliated with the University of Wisconsin family medical program.

“Dr. Sanner received his MD degree from Stanford University in 1983. He completed a family practice residency at the University of Missouri Columbia in 1986 and then earned an MS degree in public health after a two year research and teaching fellowship at Missouri-Columbia. He was Director of the Madison Residency Program 1996-2002 and provides patient care at Northeast Family Medical Center. His academic interests center on innovations in practice systems which enhance quality of care and medical education.”

Is giving out fraudulent “passes” to lying school teachers who carry protest signs with Hitler faces and obscenities an “innovation in practice systems,” Doc? Do TELL.

Dr. James H Shropshire MD –5001 Monona Drive–Monona, WI, 53716-2636 — (608)222-8779

Bernard F. Micke, MD

UW Health Odana Clinic5618 Odana Road —Madison, WI, 53719 — (608) 274-1100

Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
Bernard Micke, MD earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed his residency at Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis. His special interests include FAA physicals.

UW Health Clinics
Palliative Care Medicine

(608) 890-9444 UW Hospital and Clinics

Via IowaHawk: We also learn that Dr. Micke is long-time Democratic donor who loves gun control and Fidel Castro:

“For the past eight years, Bernard has worked to open relations with Cuba and its people who have suffered the effects of the U.S. embargo. A group he helped form, The Wisconsin Project, has provided over a million dollars of donated medicine and equipment to Pediatric Hospital in Camaguey, Cuba, to help care for sick children. As satisfying as this work has been, it has also “focused [his] attention on the inequities and injustices in the world, all too often as a result of the deliberate policies of our government.” Bernard intends to continue to work on the aid program for this children’s hospital in Cuba.”

Hanna Keevil, M.D. UW Health Odana Clinic5618 Odana Road — Madison, WI, 53719 — (608) 274-1100

Hanna Keevil, M.D. Job title: Clinical Assistant Professor
Email: [email protected]
Clinic: Odana Atrium (Madison)
Affiliation: UW Health – Odana Atrium

School had to be cancelled because so many teachers were off duty. The teachers even bused loads of school kids to Madison to see the “spectacle” of teachers carrying signs calling the Wisconsin governor Hitler…and worse.

Government employees should not be allowed to unionize for this very reason. They should not be allowed to “strike” and cause school to be cancelled. Teachers, cops, firefighters are providing a service to the public. This sacred trust should not be subject to union thug tactics.

Please take a few moments and call, write, or email the Wisconsin Medical Board and the state attorney general, so justice can prevail.

Update: The University of Wisconsin Medical School says it is investigating doctors from its program that were writing “permission” slips. Some of the doctors listed above are UW physicians.

Via Free Republic

Wisconsin Medical Examining Board
Department of Regulation and Licensing
Tom H. Ryan, MPA, JD, Bureau Director
1400 E. Washington Ave.
Madison, WI 53703
(608) 266-2112 / Fax:(608) 261-7083
Complaints Toll Free: (877) 617-1565

John B. Van Hollen, Wisconsin Attorney General

Wisconsin Department of Justice 608-266-1221
Wisconsin Department of Justice
P.O. Box 7857
Madison, WI 53707-7857
Fax: 608-267-2779

The Wisconsin Department of Justice headquarters is located in the Risser Justice Center, 17 West Main Street, in Madison.

If you would like to serve a notice of claim [PDF form] upon the Attorney General under Wis. Stat. 893.82, please direct such claim to:
Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen
114 East State Capitol
Madison, WI 53707-7857

Update: Correction Alpaca corrects Crooks and Liars for lying about crooks

Update: DaTechGuy interviews Andrew Breitbart

Update: Gateway Pundit via Breitbart TV has video of Democrat union thug who was arrested for vandalizing speakers and assaulting tea party members at rally in Madison Saturday.

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