Protester Disrespects Police – Learns The Hard Way They Are Allowed To Fight Back [VIDEO]

Protester Disrespects Police – Learns The Hard Way They Are Allowed To Fight Back [VIDEO]

A female protester on the streets of Portland, Oregon, got an agonizing lesson about the hazards of disrespecting law officers and not following orders.


The woman was marching during the liberal city’s “Not My Presidents Day” protest Monday when she approached officers in riot gear and began displaying the middle finger right to their face. The police took her to the ground, but seemingly that wasn’t enough of a warning to change her ways.

With the help of other protesters, the woman got up and went right back to getting in their faces and raising her middle fingers once again. A bit irritated with the protester’s persistence, one officer fired a couple of rubber bullets into her torso at close range…

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You can guess what happened next. Video coverage of the ‘shooting’ shows her getting knocked right off her feet!

And if that wasn’t enough for you, here it is from another angle:

Sgt. Pete Simpson, a police spokesman, supported the officers’ response as essential to keeping the peace before things got out of hand.

“We would much prefer things were different. But we’re sort of forced to be there now because of the aggressive nature of the, ‘We’re going to show up, we’re going to block streets, we’re going to shut the city down’ attitude.”

The local media is reporting that 13 arrests in total were made. One of those arrests was actually a senior citizen, who ended up with a broken nose after he thought it would be acceptable to scuffle with police.

This protester hit with rubber bullets is an excellent example of why the rest of America has had enough of radicals. They want to go around shouting and screaming “love trumps hate,” yet they act like this when police come in to keep the public safe.

Do you think she deserved this treatment?

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