Rapist faces jail time after ripping woman’s face from her skull during horrific attack

Rapist faces jail time after ripping woman’s face from her skull during horrific attack


This is truly a tragedy. A woman was brutally raped to the point that her face was ripped from her skull. Miraculously, she managed to survive the horrific attack, but the rape and violence has left physical and mental scars that will never heal. She has spoken out about the rape and her journey to overcome the scars and pain it has left behind for her.

She says of the recovery:

‘It’s ruined my life. I come across as a strong person. I’m not really. I’m looking at lots more operations, lots more time in hospital.

‘I’m in constant pain. I can’t eat properly. I have to eat soft food. I can’t chew anything at all. I can’t eat meat or even toast. I can’t open my mouth to yawn.’

She added: ‘I’m still alive, that’s the only thing. I’m fed up with the pain. That’s what gets me down more than anything.’

Her anguish will not be easy to overcome. She also said that she rarely leaves the house because she is self conscious of how she looks and her inability to function in many ways. Fear also holds her captive.

Metro reports on the attack and the prosecution of the attacker:

Anthony Laine, 30, raped the woman twice near the River Severn in Bewdley, Worcestershire last summer.

The woman was left with a ‘floating face’ – a medical term for when the front of the face becomes detached from the skull.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of rape and inflicting GBH with intent at Worcester Crown Court.

Simon Rippon, defending, said Laine pleaded guilty to on the second day of his trial, sparing the victim ‘the trauma and stress of giving evidence’.

Judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins QC said: ‘There is a significant risk of the defendant causing serious harm to members of the public, particularly women.’

An indefinite sexual harm prevention order was also made as well as a restraining order preventing Laine having contact with the victim.

This is nothing short of a tragedy.

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