She Ripped Off Her Son’s Privates Then Tried Gluing Them on – Here’s Her Fate…

She Ripped Off Her Son’s Privates Then Tried Gluing Them on – Here’s Her Fate…

If you have an anger problems, you probably just shouldn’t breed. Take, for instance, this woman, who actually tore off her son’s testicles and then attempted to glue the tear.

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From AWM:

Just because some people are capable of having kids, it doesn’t mean that they should have some. Sadly, not everyone is cut out to be a parent. Taking care of kids is extremely hard and takes a toll on everyone raising them.

For this 34 year-old San Antonio mother, she was unfortunately unable to control her rage as she tore her son’s testicles and was promptly arrested.

The boy had a 4-inch long laceration on his testicles where his mother, Jennifer Vargas, grabbed and yanked on him after becoming frustrated with him. Realizing what she had done, she tried to cover up the wound by applying rubbing alcohol and even tried to seal it using super glue.

Afterwards, the son’s father, an Army soldier, found out what the boy’s mother had done to him when he found his son in his room crying. He saw a bloody tissue in his son’s underwear and once he realized what happened he took his son to San Antonio Military Medical Center immediately.

While there, the little boy had to have surgery to fix his injuries.

The mother was charged with assaulting her 6-year old son by tearing his genitals. She pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to two years in prison and a five year supervised release.

Despite what happened, Vargas was extremely upset during the whole ordeal.

“I would like to say that I regret my actions,” Vargas said. “I do love my children with all my heart.” She even added that her children are the most important thing to her, despite being thrown in jail for physically and sexually abusing one of them.

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