The sad and CHILLING last words of a fallen police officer…

The sad and CHILLING last words of a fallen police officer…

Patrick Zamarripa. That is the name of one of the 5 fallen Dallas Officers. He was targeted because he was one of the ‘racist’ police officers…

Study his tweets and try to prove that complete deceitful LIE.


From the Independent Journal:

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Patrick was a devoted officer, loving father and patriotic American. He was also an avid user on twitter. His tweets paint a picture of an honorable man, horrifically cut down before his time.

This is what he retweeted:

He tried to help find the owner of this lost Marine remembrance bracelet.

He wore rainbow beads at the Dallas Pride parade.


What happened last night was the result of a the liberal media pushing false information, stoking the fires of racism for profit and political power, and revealing itself to be full participators in creating a murderous environment.

Your false reports and divisive claims have so riled up the black community that NO ONE stops to check the facts in a case by case fashion.

As a nation we are sick and getting worse.

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