Sanctuary City Sets Illegal Immigrant Criminal FREE – American Citizen Pays ULTIMATE Price For It

Sanctuary City Sets Illegal Immigrant Criminal FREE – American Citizen Pays ULTIMATE Price For It

It was around six months ago that Ever Valles was arrested by Denver police on charges of illegal possession of a weapon and vehicle theft. It was reported that he was flagged by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as an “immigration enforcement priority,” given his notable gang ties in the city.


A detainer request was put on Valles, asking the city of Denver, which has claimed to be a “Sanctuary City,” to inform them before he was released, so they could take him into federal custody. However, Denver didn’t bother doing that and instead released Valles on December 20th.

It wasn’t even two months later that Valles was picked up again. But not before taking the life of an American citizen.

On February 17th, Valles was brought up on charges of first-degree murder for the death of 32 year-old Tim Cruz. There was also a second suspect named Nathan Valdez, who is charged with helping commit the murder. Both suspects have a long history of charges.

The details of Valles’ and Valdez’ crime states that they first robbed the victim at gunpoint before murdering him at around 1 am on Feb. 7th.

ICE agents labeled Valles as a “known gang member” and “citizen of Mexico.”


“Due to his criminal history and gang affiliation, Valles is an ICE immigration enforcement priority.”

The Denver Sheriff’s Department asserted that it notified the local ICE office of Valles’ release at 11:33 pm, on December 20th, which was only roughly a half-hour before Valles was released by the Police Department after posting bail (illegals get bail?). ICE, however, contended they didn’t receive any notification until about 38 minutes after Valles had already been released to the public.

According to an ICE representative:

“The detainer wasn’t honored.”

It’s about time that President Trump started cutting the federal funds of cities that willfully protect criminals over their citizens. Start filling the jails with them and they’ll change their tune quick.

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