Says He Was ‘Mixing A Protein Shake” Behind The Wheel Of His Car, What He Was Really Doing…

Says He Was ‘Mixing A Protein Shake” Behind The Wheel Of His Car, What He Was Really Doing…

This is just sick and twisted. Two women on two different days got more than they bargained for when they were out doing their daily running around in Nebraska.

Both saw a 21 year-old Nebraska man masturbating behind the wheel of his car. Ewww. He told police that they mistakenly thought he was doing that, but that in reality he was mixing a protein shake. Is that what they call it now? Go figure. He was arrested for indecent exposure and he should be charged for lewdness too after that sick excuse.


From the Daily Mail:

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A 21-year-old Nebraska man suspected of masturbating in public on two separate occasions tried to convince police that what bystanders had witnessed was actually his mixing a protein shake in his car.

Nathan Grimes, of Lincoln, was arrested on Tuesday on two counts of indecent exposure after he was allegedly spotted pleasuring himself last week, and then again on Monday.

Police say a 35-year-old woman was filling up her car at a Shell gas station on Belmont Street at around 4pm last Wednesday when she noticed a man touching himself in a sexual manner inside a white Mazda.

The first incident was at a Shell gas station, where a woman was filling up her car and got an eyeful of this perv in his white Mazda. By the time she called 911, he had fled. Then on Monday morning, police got a call from a 49 year-old woman saying that she was walking out of Casey’s General Store when she caught sight of a man masturbating behind the wheel of a white Mazda.

Both women gave the very same description of the sicko AND his license plate number. It wasn’t long before he was arrested. His name is Nathan Grimes. Of course he is denying all of it. If you are a pervert, it’s what you do. Instead, Grimes claimed that what the two women actually saw was him mixing a protein shake. I will not even go there on this one. Nope.

Grimes’ explanation, however, failed to persuade police, who cited him for two misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure and booked him into to the Lancaster County Jail. Grimes was later released from jail. I’m sure he’ll be out shaking himself up once more in front of women in no time. Gross.



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