Security Guard Kills 6 Children, Burning Them Alive While Embracing Them [PICTURES] [VIDEO]

Security Guard Kills 6 Children, Burning Them Alive While Embracing Them [PICTURES] [VIDEO]

Another evil tragedy has struck in Brazil and it’s one that will send shivers down your spine if you are a parent of toddlers. There were a total of six toddlers as well as their teacher who were barbarically burned alive while at a nursery.

The police are sure that they have the murderer, whose name is Damiao Soares dos Santos, age 50. Apparently reports are saying that Soares was a security guard with a lot of mental issues. He had entered the nursery classroom which was located in the Innocent Children’s People Municipal Education Centre in Janaúba, Brazil. He took the teacher, 43 year-old Helley Abreu Batistaof, and locked her in a closet, then acquired gasoline and poured it over the six helpless children, as well as himself.

He lit himself on fire, which also caught the children on fire as well.

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When police went to the scumbag’s home to investigate, the found gallons of fuel. This reveals that this evil massacre was premeditated. I myself have a hard time putting mentally ill and premeditated together. One spokesperson for the police department said:

“Investigators believe the crime was premeditated and through diligent research they found gallons of fuel at the residence of the perpetrator.”

“It was also found that Damiao symbolically marked the date of his father’s death, three years ago as the date to carry out the attack. He told his family on Tuesday, that he had ‘a gift to give to everyone’ and they would soon find out. Investigators also ascertained that he was mentally ill and appeared to be obsessed with children.”

“The bodies of four children and the offender, Damião Soares dos Santos, have been released for burial.”

There was a total of 50 who were at the center during the time of the attack, but all of them generally rage inbetween 5 and 6 years of age.

Four of the children were pronounced dead at the scene and the teacher as well as two other children died later while at the hospital. As if that wasn’t bad enough, 23 other victims are still recovering from various injuries in the hospital, with seven more fighting for their lives in critical condition.

This evil guard that was supposed to be the children’s protector, had been described as ’embracing’ some of the children to get them to light on fire as he was.

Truly, there is not much news out there right now that makes me sick to my stomach, but this one does so much more than that for me. I imagine that anyone with children would be beyond horrified if this effected their loved ones personally. I can only imagine and dread the absolute anguish the parents of these precious little ones must be feeling.

So, was it the gasoline that took the lives of these children, or the sick piece of trash that planned out this whole nightmare? That’s what I thought, lefties.

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