When You See What He Allegedly Did to a Homeless Mom, You’ll be Sickened by this Smile

When You See What He Allegedly Did to a Homeless Mom, You’ll be Sickened by this Smile

There are monsters among us. Most of us are mostly good, but possess some flaws. Some, however, derive immense joy from hurting others. One such psychopath not only attacked an innocent woman for no reason, but even as he awaited punishment seemed to gloat on social media over his horrible attack.


From the Independent Journal:

This is what mother-of-six Carla Whitlock used to look like:


This is what she looked like after September, 2015:


The acid attack that left the homeless 37-year-old woman horribly scarred and blind in one eye was committed by 23-year-old Londoner Billy Midmore, with the help of his brother Geoffrey Midmore, 27.

CCTV footage showed the attack on camera as it happened. Whitlock and her partner were just walking by a bar in Southampton, UK when she was ambushed by Billy.

Earlier footage of Billy buying drain cleaner in a store sealed his conviction.

But now, recent Facebook activity on Billy’s account has led authorities to think that he not only lacks remorse, but is possibly even gloating over the horrific incident.

Last Wednesday, a new picture was uploaded to Billy’s Facebook page showing him smiling as he holds up his smartphone—to show a picture of Whitlock writhing in pain on the ground just after the attack.

Earlier in June, a quiz was posted to Billy’s wall entitled, “Is there a serial killer hiding in yourself?”

Underneath, Billy left the comment, “Big big potential.”

While Billy awaits sentencing, he is officially barred from using social media at all, making it unclear who is managing his account.

The consequences, however, could be serious for him.

Speaking to the press, a Prison Service spokesman said:

“This behaviour is completely unacceptable and our thoughts are with the victim of this terrible crime. We have carried out a search of this offender’s cell and the social media account has now been removed. He has been stripped of his privileges, placed in the segregation unit and faces a police investigation, with the potential of additional time in prison.”

During the trial, the court heard that the attack was out of revenge, after Miss Whitlock introduced the Midmore brothers to a man named Levi, and a drug deal with him worth £2,000 went badly.

Prosecutor Kerry Maylin told the court that Whitlock and her boyfriend Mathew Wedgner were drug users and had recently made a purchase from the Midmore brothers, who have no fixed address themselves but come from London.

Regardless of the circumstances, Southampton Member of Parliament Royston Smith called Billy’s recent social media activity “highly insensitive”—and he told press he intends to get to the bottom of it:

“If it’s him that has found a way to upload the images then it’s a very insensitive thing to do and shows no sign of someone convicted of a heinous crime being remorseful. If it’s someone else uploading on to his account then it’s again very insensitive to the victim and to Billy Midmore ahead of his sentencing. I think this could be a good example to show the Ministry of Justice that perhaps they should look into shutting down social media sites for people who are about to be sentenced, I would say that’s a very reasonable expectation.”

The Midmores receive sentencing next Tuesday.

These kinds of stories shock us to our core. We tend to believe that people are largely good and if we just stay away from criminals and other nefarious types, we’ll probably be okay.

However, Whitlock appears to have simply been a victim of opportunity – a person upon whom the Midmores could inflict pain.

Our society is truly sick.

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