Sexual Assaults, Attacks on Police Grip German Summer Festival

Sexual Assaults, Attacks on Police Grip German Summer Festival

More riots and sexual assaults in Germany by Muslim refugees. And again, the media does not say they are Muslim OR refugees. All they will say is that riots hit the German folk festival in Schorndorf in Baden-Württemberg. Police are describing the assailants as coming from migration backgrounds. Way to water that down in political correctness guys. Saturday night, police arrested three 17 year-old asylum seekers from Afghanistan who were actively sexually harassing women. The night before that, an Iraqi man was reported for sexually assaulting a woman not only at the festival, but in a nearby field. The Germans never learn.

Sunday, over 1,000 young people gathered in the center of town and rioted. Over fifty percent were asylum seekers. The riot began when someone threw a glass bottle. Then people started throwing glass bottles at Schorndorf Castle and at the police. The rioters didn’t stop there. A number of gangs of young thugs numbering 30 to 50 men each, roamed through the center of the city armed with knives, replica handguns, firing flares and teargas. Police spokesman Ronald Krötz stated, “the violence against the officials was frightening” and he blamed drinking for the violence. Police did arrest one German man, but released him after questioning. Authorities say the exact number of crimes committed over the weekend is still unknown. And you can bet they’ll do their damnedest to cover it up.

From Breitbart:

A German folk festival in Schorndorf in Baden-Württemberg was rocked this weekend by riots and a number of sexual assaults by men police describe as coming from migration backgrounds.

On Saturday night, police arrested three 17-year-old asylum seekers from Afghanistan who are accused of sexually harassing several women at the festival. The night before several other sex attacks were reported, both at the festival and in nearby fields with one Iraqi man identified as a suspect, Die Welt reports.

On the final night of the festival on Sunday police say that around a thousand young people gathered in the town centre, where they rioted and rampaged. Police say that close to 50 percent of the rioters came from a migrant background.

The riot is reported to have started after someone threw a glass bottle, but police say they have no idea who threw it. The initial incident led to people throwing glass bottles at the facade of the Schorndorf Castle and at the police.

These attacks, rioting and sexual assaults are becoming common place in Germany now. Dozens of them occurred last year at various events. Many times the police do absolutely nothing at all to stop these savages. 40,000 people live in that German town and they were absolutely terrified. Muslim gangs rule the streets there now and many are afraid to venture out of their homes, especially alone.

Several police cars were sprayed with graffiti. Violence escalated when one of the suspects resisted arrest. The police are urging women who were assaulted over the weekend to come forward, but many will be too afraid to do so. Police chief Roland Eisele said, “the aggression and escalation of violence” was unprecedented in the town, near Stuttgart, and that the local police force had to request backup from other cities. Looks like their open border policy is tearing them apart.

A German folk festival in the town of Schorndorf, Baden-Wuerttemberg state, descended into violence after Iraqi and Afghani asylum seekers were accused of sexually harassing local women (file photo of Oktoberfest in Munich)

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