Sheriff Clarke: Don’t Fix the Police… FIX THE GHETTO! [VIDEO]

Sheriff Clarke: Don’t Fix the Police… FIX THE GHETTO! [VIDEO]

I’m sorry, but did Milwaukee rioters lose their mind and forget who their Sheriff is for a moment? They are about to get a huge reminder, Sheriff Clarke is about to SHUT them down.


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, his press conference

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From Louder with Crowder:

We’re all big Sheriff David Clarke fans, but it’s easy for leftists to simply dismiss what he says as partisan when he’s yelling on Fox News (or ripping Don Lemon a new orifice on national television). You can’t do that here. Much like Dallas Police Chief David Brown (see Dallas Police Chief Perfectly Challenges Protestors: ‘Become the solution…’ and Dallas Police Chief: ‘A coward will not change our democracy…’), Clarke speaks calmly and from a position of authority that’s tough to deny. He’s not just a talking head or O’Reilly’s favorite black guy (he has black friends, you know). He’s a dedicated elected official who is deeply concerned about his community.

He’s also a certifiable badass.

Finally, when a black sheriff in a heavily black city tries to improve relations between police and young black men in order to prevent more ARMED black perps from being shot by police… at what point does the left knowledge that maybe this isn’t all about racism? Unfortunately, it should go without saying that Sheriff Clarke is not blowing a secret “racist dog whistle” here.

It’s clear that he wants a safer environment for both police officers and young black men. He expressly wants to reduce casualties on both sides. As a black police officer, who would have more of a vested interest in that than him?

We need more people like Sheriff Clarke. Less new age liberals… It would make ALL the difference.

Just saying.

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