SICK RETALIATION! Brain Matter & Blood Trails of Teenage Boys Found at Home of Bounty Hunter

SICK RETALIATION! Brain Matter & Blood Trails of Teenage Boys Found at Home of Bounty Hunter

A grisly crime scene led to a huge fight outside of a courthouse, thanks to the actions of one sick man. According to authorities, Kevin Watkins, a bounty hunter, killed two teenage boys, leaving brain matter and blood trails all over his house.

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Families brawled outside the court hearing of a professional bounty hunter accused of murdering two teenagers.

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Relatives had to be pulled apart after a court in Indianapolis heard Kevin Watkins, 46, killed Dionne Williams, 16, and his friend, Timmee Jackson, 15, on Christmas Eve.

He is being held on two counts of murder after a search of his home, vehicle and office revealed trails of blood, along with brain matter and body parts.

Police found the incriminating evidence after Williams’ mother reporter him missing.

Watkins, who owns Watkins Bail Bonds, is believed to have suspected Williams was involved in a burglary at his home, which he reported to the police on December 19.

Court documents reveal that Watkins’ daughter confronted the teen’s girlfriend, saying Williams ‘has got another thing coming’.

Investigators found two trails of blood when they searched Watkins’ home in the 5900 block of East 23rd Street on Christmas morning.

One extended from the front yard to the back, while a second trailed from the front yard to behind the garage of the house next door.

Brain matter was found in his front yard.

Officials also found a plastic rake, a broken window frame, a dash light and gray duct tape, all of which were covered in blood.

There was also blood on the bumper and doors of Watkins’ SUV. Inside his car was a garbage bag containing bleach and rope.

Bloodied clothes that were reportedly last seen on Williams and Jackson were also found in Watkins’ SUV.

The clothes also had traces of bone and brain matter on them.

It’s a little surprising that a bounty hunter, whose job is to track down criminals, would be so cavalier about evidence after murdering two teenagers. But thank goodness that he was, because now, justice can be served in this horrible case.

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