Special Snowflakes Demand All Police Be Defunded

I say “go for it, at least in certain areas, see how that works out”

(Mediaite) One of the leaders of the Chicago protests said on MSNBC Thursday that one of their main goals was to defund the police department.

“So getting Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign is definitely not the main goal of the movement right now,” Breanna Champion, leader of the Black Youth Project. “In Chicago, police receive 40% of our city’s budget to remain operational. That is completely unheard of and unacceptable.”

Actually, in big cities, spending that much on law enforcement, including the courts and prison system, is not unheard of. Many big, Democratic run cities spend more.

“One of our major demands is that police be defunded and that that money used to fund police be used to fund black futures, and be used to fund our communities and things that we need,” she said.

In the organization’s online manifesto, the group also demands “reparations for chattel slavery, Jim Crow and mass incarceration” and “a guaranteed income for all.”

Checking the manifesto, we see

We demand all local, state and federal budgets to defund the police and invest those dollars and resources in Black futures.

And when crime spikes to unheard of and unacceptable levels (not that it already isn’t rather bad in these areas), what will these Special Snowflakes say and do? That’s right, they’ll complain that no one is Doing Anything. Do they think that the police will work for free? What happened in Baltimore when the police started avoiding much of the crime? That’s right, it spiked (it’s not the only reason, mind you).

They also demand “a federal jobs program” and “investments in Black communities that promote economic sustainability”. Interestingly, as we see from their About page, they have no programs to train Black youths for actual jobs. They do “train young black activists in direct action grassroots organizing skills, so they can build the power we need to transform our communities.” Perhaps a program teaching them things like STEM and economics, or other job skills that actually allow people to get hired for jobs other than minimum wage ones.

BTW, imagine a bunch of white youth creating a group like this. Would it not be considered racist? Why is this group, advocating separatism and supremacy, not considered racist?

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