Talk about a bad morning! Women wreak havoc on Philadelphia McDonald’s in an all-out chair-smashing breakfast brawl [Video]

Ah, Philadelphia… the city of brotherly love, or not. Because you know, the best way to end a dispute is to get your violence on in a public eatery. In a less than ladylike move, these two women break chairs against some very big guy and then he gets hit in the head with a broom handle that splinters. The guy doesn’t flinch and acts as if the assault is about as bothersome as a fly. The man gives a whole new meaning to stoic as the brawling ensues.

It started with a heated exchange: Two women walk into a Philadelphia McDonald’s
and all but destroy the place in a shocking cell phone video of a breakfast time brawl.

From the Daily Mail:

Two women walk into a McDonald’s and all but destroy the place in a shocking cell phone video of a breakfast time brawl.

Or not exactly breakfast. According to MyFoxPhilly, the fight began after the women were told the morning menu had ended for the day.

The unnamed women are seen at the start of the video as they nearly leave a Philadelphia Mickey D’s.

After a brief but angry exchange between the women and another person who can’t quite be made out in the back of the restaurant, all hell breaks loose.

As a woman in pink and a slimmer woman in blue approach a rival group, some of them in McDonald’s uniforms, a chair is thrown and the fight is on.

Screams break out and the brawlers scatter. The woman in pink lunges for a chair of her own and hurls it at a massive man who thenceforth bears the brunt of her rage.

The woman in blue then takes her turn, flinging another chair at the man whose girth and oddly calm demeanor seem to protect him from the blows.

But that only seems to enrage the women more.

In what is perhaps the most startling moment throughout the drawn out altercation, the woman in blue then smashes the man in the head with a broom handle.

Shockingly, he remains unfazed as the wooden handled splinters apart in a dramatic end to the the brawl. Or, at least, the end to what was filmed.

No word on any arrests or how the brutalized big guy made out.

I sooo hope that the video finds its way to the owner of the McDonald’s. The workers need to explain their actions and those two women need to pay damages and answer to the police. I don’t know what the guy or others said to the women to set this off, but it must have been a doozie of an insult. Everyone involved should be banned from coming in there ever again and they all should be ashamed of themselves.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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