Teacher Who Raped 14 Year Old Student Freed After One Month

Teacher Who Raped 14 Year Old Student Freed After One Month

Rapists may not get the death penalty, but they DESERVE the death penalty. What they definitely don’t deserve is to spend only one month in jail for their crime, like Stacey Dean Rambold did.

Cherice Moralez

Stacey Dean Rambold, a former high school teacher who served a month-long sentence for raping a 14-year-old girl, was released Thursday from a Montana jail.

Rambold’s lenient sentence and the judge’s comments about his victim sparked national outrage and protests.

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He won’t be a free man exactly; he’s on probation for the next 14 years, 11 months.

According to court documents, that means he’ll have to agree to conditions like undergoing sex offender treatment, not going to places where children congregate and not having a cell phone with photo, video or Internet capabilities.

Prosecutors have appealed the sentence, saying it is illegal, to the Montana Supreme Court.

…The case drew widespread attention when Baugh imposed a one-month sentence on Rambold and made controversial comments about the victim, saying she “seemed older than her chronological age” and she was “as much in control of the situation.”

Rambold admitted raping the girl in 2008 while she was 14 and he was her teacher at her high school. Moralez took her life shortly before her 17th birthday.

The judge later apologized for his comments, and earlier this month tried to revisit his sentence. But the state Supreme Court barred him from a new ruling, saying he didn’t have the legal standing to change a sentence.

Baugh said he didn’t realize at first that the minimum sentence should have been two years.

Baugh’s secretary said Wednesday the judge had no comment on Rambold’s release.

A high school teacher had sex with his 14 year old student and she later killed herself. The result of that betrayal of trust? A sentence of one month when the legal minimum is 2 years. Where’s the justice for the dead girl? Where’s the justice for her mother who cries herself to sleep over the loss of her daughter?

Where is the justice?

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