Teen Babysitters Put Crying Baby In Refrigerator Then Post It All Online [VIDEO]

Teen Babysitters Put Crying Baby In Refrigerator Then Post It All Online [VIDEO]

What a horrific thing to do, especially by a family member. Two teenagers were babysitting a seven month-old baby when she started to cry. So, what did they do? They put her in a refrigerator to shut her up. The girls are minors, so they have not been identified, but it was revealed that one of the girls was the niece of the mother of the baby. They posted the video on Snapchat and that’s how they were caught.

They pushed the baby onto a shelf in the fridge and then slammed the door shut as the little one screamed inside. This looks like it is in Massachusetts. The video was reported to the police last week on Monday. Both girls were arrested immediately. They have been charged with child endangerment and assault. The police say they used the fridge as a “dangerous weapon.” Thankfully, the little girl will be okay, but it could have been much, much worse.

From Breitbart:

A pair of teenage babysitters in Massachusetts were arrested after authorities were alerted that they had allegedly sealed a crying baby in a refrigerator and posted the video online, reports say.

The teen girls, who have not been identified due to their age, were babysitting in Danvers, Massachusetts, on Monday when police say they posted the offensive video on Snapchat, according to the Boston Herald.

The shocking video shows the girls pushing the baby sideways onto a shelf in the cold box and then slamming the door as the child screams inside.

The Essex District Attorney’s office said the video was reported to both the Danvers and Swampscott police departments that Monday afternoon. The girls were arrested that same day.

Prosecutors charged the girls with child endangerment and assault and said the kitchen utility was used as a “dangerous weapon.”

By Tuesday it was revealed that one of the teens charged was the niece of the infant’s mother.

“My daughter is OK, I want everyone to know that I was not aware of the situation and it’s very unfortunate,” the baby’s mother said of the babysitters. “It’s very foolish. … They didn’t do it trying to harm my daughter, they did it as, like, playing around.” I’m sorry, that doesn’t cut it. It looks to me like they were indeed trying to hurt the child out of spite and for clicks on the Internet. It’s monstrous.

The mother had no idea this was going on and only found out about the video when the police showed it to her. No word yet if the babysitters have been released. I’m sure they have, but this stunt will follow them for the rest of their lives. It’s sociopathic and evil. I just don’t understand how anyone, no matter their age, could justify such an action. Especially against an innocent and helpless baby. SMH.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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