Teen Girl Found Wearing Adult Diaper On Her Bedroom Floor, Starved To DEATH [VIDEO]

Teen Girl Found Wearing Adult Diaper On Her Bedroom Floor, Starved To DEATH [VIDEO]


This is an absolute tragedy. A young girl, only sixteen years-old, was found nearly starved to death experiencing a heart attack due to starvation. The tragedy does not end there. Natalie Finn passed away in October after her adopted parents left her to starve in her room wearing an adult diaper.

Natalie Finn was found on an old linoleum floor covered in urine wearing an old and soiled adult diaper. It is believed that her parents forced her to stay in the room for long periods of time. The entire home was covered in filth. The home resides in West Des Moines, Iowa. Reports show that the home was covered in animals and animal hair, feces and urine. Not only that, but it was also covered in human waste.

Senator Matt McCoy spoke out about the tragedy saying,’What happened to not only Natalie but her siblings was preventable,’ he spoke out once the documents were unsealed.

‘It’s a horrific situation and I feel heartbroken for Natalie and her siblings who were, in essence, sealed in that room and left to die.’

After Natalie was found, she was quickly brought to the hospital. But the medical professionals could not do anything to help her as she was too far gone. Her adoptive mother, named Nicole Finn, is being charged with murder. Her ex-husband is also being held responsible for the tragedy. Joseph Finn and Nicole boarded all the windows up to prevent the children from seeing outside or from being able to look for food.

Things like this should never be allowed to happen!

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