Teen Girl Sexually Assaulted Three Separate Times While Walking Home – Several Different Men [VIDEO]

Teen Girl Sexually Assaulted Three Separate Times While Walking Home – Several Different Men [VIDEO]

It’s a dangerous world out there and we should never let our guards down when out and about. That is especially true for your kids and teens. Women are especially targeted by the most evil of men. One such story of evil comes at us from the United Kingdom.

A 17 year-old teenager became separated from her friends after they all left a club in what is known as the Tower Hamlets in East London. It was night time, she was alone and she was inebriated. She was assaulted that night, but not just one time – three different times as she walked the area.

This poor girl was found half naked by those who where just passing by and now there is a manhunt for the people who where involved in her assault and rape.

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Police have reviewed the security cameras that were placed along her pathway and picked up the images of two men. One of them had taken a hold of the girl and swung her over his shoulder, then walked with the other man towards a doorway on that street. The one who had carried the girl was not seen again on camera and some items that were part of the girl’s outfit where found on the ground.

Shortly after midnight, another CCTV camera picks up the girl stumbling half-naked down Mint Street, being followed by a different, bearded male, on a racing bicycle. The man follows the girl as she makes her way down the street and catches up to her. They both head out of sight of any camera and it isn’t till later that we see the bearded man walking away, and then the teen appearing more tousled than before.

Again, she continues her walk further down through the area.

At around 12:45 am, only a few minutes later, she was attacked again by a third set of attackers. This time under a tree by a group of three men. One of the men was described as having bow-legs and all three are suspected drug addicts.

Finally, after all of this, a decent human being finally spotted the girl who was clearly in distress and called the police. It is suspected that at some point during the night, the teen was drugged.

Suzanne Jordan is the detective on the case and has said:

“This is a horrific multiple sexual assault on an young female who was simply making her way home after a night out. We would like to thank the members of the public who intervened to help her and possibly prevented her ordeal from continuing even further. We believe two of the three were very serious sexual assaults indeed, and are determined to catch the persons responsible for these hideous crimes.”

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