Teen Who Had Vanished Was Kidnapped, Raped Then Fed To Alligators

Teen Who Had Vanished Was Kidnapped, Raped Then Fed To Alligators

Everyone remembers the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel, who went to visit Myrtle Beach, South Carolina without telling her parents. The young girl vanished in 2009 and only recently did we find out what happened to her.

If reports are to be believed, Drexel met a horrifying end that no woman (or human being for that matter) should ever have to endure.

According to an inmate who claimed to be present at the time of Drexel’s death, the young girl was gang raped, murdered and then fed to alligators to destroy the evidence.

Taquan Brown, admits that he witnessed another man, Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor and his father, sexually assaulting Drexel after she was abducted. When she tried to escape the house, she was allegedly beaten and brought back.

He then heard two gun shots and then watched men wrap her body up and carry it away. While he wasn’t around afterward, it is believed that her body was placed into a pit where alligators later ate her.

Da’Shaun’s mother, Joan, said the story about Drexel’s death involving her son and husband is “craziness” and was made up by investigators to get him to confess. In an effort to get Da’Shaun to cooperate with authorities, he is currently being held on new charges relating to an incident in which he was the getaway driver for a robbery at McDonald’s in 2011 — despite having served time for that crime, The Post and Courier reported.

These stories are all too common and the fact is that this young girl is dead and nothing can bring her back. Her parents are going to have to live with this for the rest of their lives and knowing that their daughter went through something so horrendous will haunt them until their very last breaths.

Evil exists and it lives among us.

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