TERROR As Active Shooter Takes Hostages – God Help Us…

TERROR As Active Shooter Takes Hostages – God Help Us…

Within just hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that terrorists have entered Europe using the flow of fleeing migrants from Syria as cover – this has happened…


From Allen West:

RT.com says reports of an unidentified gunman have triggered a large-scale police operation in Stuttgart, Germany. Local news media report of a possible hostage situation.

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Citing police, Bild.de reports that an armed man broke into a building in the eastern part of Stuttgart, presumably a law firm.

A woman from a neighboring house is claimed to have seen the man enter the premises and called the police.

Police have secured the area around the building and suspended train services in the proximity of the alleged incident site, namely between Ruhbank (TV tower) and Olgaeck train stations.

Police are currently preparing to storm the building, but will first try to establish contact with the alleged gunman, local media report.

This is sickening. It was admitted by German leadership that the refugee flow was used to “smuggle terrorists” into Germany. The scary thought is, there is refugee flow going into several continents, why would it be any different anywhere else? Why isn’t this a forefront concern for our leadership? There are only 2 reasons. They are incompetent and stupid. Or they are in on the evil plan. Neither one is better than the other, because both end the same way.

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