On Friday, outside the Dallas Love Field Airport at the baggage claim, a man was shot by police in what is believed to have been a domestic dispute. The man was throwing rocks at his ex’s car. He had broken windows etc. already and was yelling and screaming. He was definitely threatening the woman. When the police arrived, he charged the officer and dared him to shoot him. The officer complied. The assailant was only wounded and was told to ‘stay down’. Then he was carted off to jail where he belongs, probably with a stop at a hospital along the way.


From Western Journalism:

A man was shot by police Friday afternoon outside Dallas Love Field Airport.

CNN, quoting a police spokesman, reported that the shooting, which took place outside the terminal building near the baggage claim area, was prompted by a domestic disturbance between a woman and the man, who reportedly is the father of her children.

Fox News reported the incident took place at about noon local time. According to police, the man used rocks to attack the woman involved in the disturbance. Police said the officer who responded after being alerted to the disturbance was rushed by the suspect with the rock, leading him to fire his gun to subdue the man.

This took place around noon and there were people milling around all over the place. After the guy was shot, the woman started screaming. An officer hustled her into the building. The moron had threatened the officer with a rock while he was charging him. So, of course the officer had to protect himself. He did the right thing here. Witness Bryan Armstrong told CNN an officer told the man who was shot to “drop the rock and stop walking.” The man did not and moved toward the officer even as travelers emerged from the terminal unaware of the confrontation. Nine shots can be heard on a video Armstrong posted to Instagram. A woman cries out in the background of the video as someone screams, “Get down!” It could have been much worse… thankfully this violent scumbag is now locked away where he belongs.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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