The George Zimmerman Lynch Mob

This week-end, Spike Lee retweeted George Zimmerman’s address, the Black Panthers put a $10,000 bounty on his head, Louis Farrakhan issued a vague threat, and there have been so many death threats on Twitter against Zimmerman that they’re almost impossible to count.

I’m not a fan of lynch mobs, no matter what color they happen to be — and that’s what this is turning into — a lynch mob.

George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin. He should stand trial for that. However, there’s a difference between putting a man on trial and declaring him to be guilty or worse yet, declaring him to be some kind of racist who shot an innocent kid to death for no good reason.

The fact of the matter is that a lot of the information that the mainstream media ran with in the beginning was wrong. Moreover, since then, a lot of key details are being left out. For example, Trayvon Martin is not the little kid in the pictures they’re showing. He was a 6’3, 140 pound football player who was on top of George Zimmerman, beating him. Zimmerman apparently did sustain significant injuries, called for help, and then at some point afterwards, shot Martin. That’s not to say Zimmerman is an angel in this. Even though he was the neighborhood watch captain, he shouldn’t have been following Martin in the first place — if he was following him. But, even if he was overzealous, does that mean Martin had free rein to attack him? Was Martin afraid for his life or was Zimmerman, as he says, actually walking back to his car when Martin attacked him?

This is actually a very sad, surprisingly ambiguous case that should have NEVER been made into a political football in the first place. Although Zimmerman should face a trial, it’s entirely possible that HE DID NOT break the law and doesn’t deserve to go to jail. Florida’s Castle Doctrine doesn’t apply here since Zimmerman followed Martin, but you still have a right to self-defense that goes beyond that. Zimmerman may very well be guilty of say, manslaughter or negligent homicide, but he also may be innocent. If Zimmerman is innocent, he shouldn’t have to go to jail because he turned out to have the wrong skin color — and almost nobody would care about this case if he was black. If Zimmerman is innocent, he also shouldn’t have to go to jail because Al Sharpton wants to fundraise, Jesse Jackson wants to be on TV, and Barack Obama wanted to try to score a few political points by once again, stupidly ramping up the tension on a criminal case he shouldn’t be involved in to begin with.

So, a little more patience, a little less certainty about what happened given how little we know, and a lot more responsible behavior would be nice to see at this point.

PS: Since I’ve noticed that it’s starting to spread around, let me note that this IS NOT Trayvon Martin’s Facebook page. So, if you see a picture of “Trayvon Martin” flipping everyone the bird with his pants hanging down, that’s not actually him. His real Facebook page appears to be here. That being said, I’ve heard people make the the claim that his Twitter handle, which was apparently deleted after his death, was “@NO_LIMIT_N*GGA” (I put the * in there because I don’t want that showing up on a search for my page). After doing some research, that does appear to be true.

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