The Prosecutor Who Went After George Zimmerman is Now Facing Ethics Charges

The Prosecutor Who Went After George Zimmerman is Now Facing Ethics Charges

Angela Corey’s prosecution of George Zimmerman was a sleazy, politically motivated joke. Now, Corey may be about to receive her just deserts for the way she behaved.

Angela Corey

George Zimmerman’s highly controversial prosecutor, Angela Corey, is now under state investigation for firing Ben Kruidbos, the Jacksonville Times-Union reports.

“Kruidbos received a letter from the Florida Commission on Ethics earlier this week saying the investigation was occurring,” the T-U’s Larry Hannan wrote last week. “Investigator Specialist Kathleen Mann, who sent the letter, declined to comment on the investigation when contacted by the Times-Union on Friday.”

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Kruidbos was the information technology director in Corey’s office until earlier this summer.

“Mr. Kruidbos was the victim of retaliatory action by the SAO … when he was terminated from employment,” his attorney, Wesley White, claimed in a formal complaint with the Florida Human Relations Commission.

“Mr. Kruidbos was terminated for having testified (pursuant to a subpoena) before the circuit court in and for Seminole County … on June 6, 2013,” he continued. “The nature of his testimony related to the possible knowing violation, by the State of Florida (the SAO), of its reciprocal discovery obligations … in a criminal prosecution. Such a violation falls within the inherent authority of the circuit court to sanction the conduct and actions of parties and attorneys before the court.

“The letter terminating Mr. Kruidbos makes explicit reference to his testimony of June 6th … Prior to his testimony, he was a well-regarded employee, recently received a raise, and was considered a ‘friend’ by the State Attorney. But for his testimony he would still be employed.”

What the State Attorney’s Office discovered was data on Trayvon Martin’s cellular phone which, if turned over to Zimmerman’s lawyers, might have raised questions about the fatally shot seventeen-year-old’s dubious activities.

Kruidbos is suing Corey for roughly $5 million on the basis of wrongful termination. White is a former prosecutor under Corey. He resigned in disgust with her policies late last year.

…Corey is no stranger to controversy. Before being elected Metro Jacksonville’s top prosecutor, she was fired from the State Attorney’s office by her predecessor, Harry Shorstein.

Kruidbos was a whistleblower who testified that he was concerned the prosecution was illegally withholding evidence during the Zimmerman trial. Afterwards, Kruidbos, who had received a pay raise for “meritorious performance” was fired. Kruidbos says it was in retaliation for revealing the truth and he’s probably right. Hopefully, he’ll win his case and Corey’s witch hunting days will come to an end.

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