Thug Gets A Nasty Surprise When He Tries To Rob Pokemon GO Players

Thug Gets A Nasty Surprise When He Tries To Rob Pokemon GO Players

I don’t play, but I generally support people playing Pokemon GO. It gets people out-and-about and away from their televisions and into the “real world” (albeit, guided by a smartphone). However, it does pose some risks. Some people are wandering into traffic and one thug even tried to rob Pokemon GO players. Fortunately, one of the group members had a concealed carry permit and the would-be robber didn’t get too far in his mugging endeavor…


From Louder with Crowder:

We here at LwC are big fans of “good guys with guns” stories (see Thanks 2nd Amendment: 65-year-old Granny Shoots Mugger and Masked Robber Terrified by 80-Year Old Grandpa with Gun…), if for no reason than to combat leftist, anti-gun dribble. While the two linked stories I just mentioned involved some older Americans, this story features some Pokemon GO whipper-snappers. If you think those players were the victims, what with their dedicated focus to their game… brace yourself for a plot twist.

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This robber got more than a Pikachu:

Shortly after 4 a.m., a group of six people were at a public park east of downtown playing the popular smartphone game, which sends players to physical locations to “catch” virtual Pokemon characters.

Police said an armed man and the young driver drove up to the group in an SUV and demanded their possessions at gunpoint. One of the Pokemon players who has a concealed weapons permit drew his own gun and the two sides exchanged fire.

Who saw this coming? The would-be robber probably thought Pokemon GO players are easier targets than say…well anyone. A lot of those players are so engrossed in their games, they harm themselves by walking into things, if not driving into police cruisers. If a group of players like that is prone to self-induced concussions, why not rob them? Therein lies the problem with groupthink: this gaggle of GOers was having none of it.

One person in the Pokemon group was shot once in the stomach and taken to the hospital. Meltzer said it’s unclear if that person shot is also the player who had his own gun but that the group of local players knew each other.

The man believed to be the suspect also was treated at the hospital for a gunshot wound. How he got to the hospital is not clear, but a matching SUV was found there.

“How he got to the hospital is not clear…?” Methinks the gunman drove the car to the hospital, what with the matching SUV found there. How is this hard?

Sorry, got a little distracted with that stellar reporting.

Criminals, let this be a game-changing lesson for you. Best not to rob people, even Pokemon GO players. You never know when one of them drops their iPhone long enough to drop you. Also, gamers might have pretty good hand-eye coordination. Just as an FYI.

Here’s the part where we lavish praise on the right to own a firearm. Imagine how much different this story would’ve been had these GOers been armed only with their digital Poke Balls and enthusiasm? Could be someone would’ve caught more than a Charmander. But no, someone among the group of GOers leveled up to a gun. Well done, sir.

When I was in college, my best friend and I worked at a hippy-run coffee place. We both carried. One night, my buddy took my shift and he got robbed. After my friend pumped six rounds of hydrashock into the thug’s chest, the robber quickly learned that the hippy-run coffee shop was equipped with a conservative gun-toter.

My point? Whether an employee at a hippy coffee shop, a little old lady or a bunch of people playing Pokemon, you can never tell who does and does not have a gun.

And that’s the point. The more we open up concealed carry laws, the more we advertise to would-be criminals that it’s a game of Russian roulette when deciding to rob someone. You might just get shot.

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